Our professional game meat and pet food operation team in Townsville have been caring for your family’s requirements throughout the North Queensland regions for more than 70 years
NQ Game Meats- Producing succulent high-quality game meats to your dinner table

Since 2012, Edward Ramsay’s NQ Game Meats has been supplying and processing only the finest game meat to Queensland households.

This remarkable extension to the existing pet food operation was originally on a wholesale level to most Queensland markets. NQ Game Meats’ popularity spread to all discerning game meat connoisseurs who always demand the best.

A retail division soon followed and people from the north were soon enjoying retail quantities of succulent Game Meat on their dinner table fresh from the processing plant based in Townsville.

Now NQ Game Meats is the leading wholesale supplier and North Queensland retailer serving all regions. We have a professional team of 3 meat inspectors who ensure that all meats are fully certified and fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

Superior Pet Foods- For a healthy pet insist on only the best

For a healthy pet we have a complete selection of freshly boned, packed & frozen wet foods along with dry foods & nibbles.

Meat Products

Kangaroo Mince, Kangaroo Hindquarter, Kangaroo Cubed, Beef and Kangaroo, Chicken and Kangaroo, Beef Mince, Steak and Kidney, Chicken Mince, Lamb Hearts, Turkey Mince and more.

Bone Products

Kangaroo Tail Bones, Kangaroo Thigh Bones, Beef Brisket Bones, Beef Marrow Bones, Chicken Necks, Turkey Necks, Crab Bait (Retail & Commercial Qty).

Dry Food

Enduro FULL BOAR, Enduro Complete, Enduro Plus, Enduro Puppy, Bonnie Complete, Bonnie Working Dog, Bonnie Puppy, Bonnie Lite, Supercoat Real Chicken, Supercoat Real Beef, Pro Plan-All Varieties, Friskies Seafood delight, Friskies Meaty Selection.


Pigs Ears, Rawhide Bones, Dried Liver, Roo Treats, Other Assorted Varieties.

A proud history serving the community
About our company...

From the early days of the 1950’s Jim and Pat Ramsay have been instrumental in the supply of quality fresh pet foods to the pet lovers of the North Queensland regions.

Our local, Townsville retail client base appreciated the absolute freshness of our product and also appreciated the health benefits for their pets owing to the ‘preservative free, no fillers’ policy adopted by us right from the beginning. Word quickly spread of our great products and a wholesale bulk division was established during the 1980’s supplying bulk, fresh pet meat to zoos and pet boarding operations.

Edward Ramsay (Jim’s and Pat’s son), took the reins in 1993 and implemented some upgrades in both how the business was operated and also improving efficiency.

He was able to inject today’s modern ideas which included the construction of our own in-house boning room, thereby guaranteeing the absolute freshest meat available.

Edward has quickly established our entire operation to serve the needs of all caring pet owners and commercial pet food operators in the North.


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NQ Game Meats & Superior Pet Foods, conveniently located in Townsville serving the Game Meat and pet food requirements of all Queenslanders

Our retail outlet, boning, packing and manufacturing plant are set and ready to provide all the fresh, healthy and nutritional foods.

Address: 64 Punari Street Townsville 4812

Phone: (07) 4779 8639

Email: info@gamemeats.net.au

Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday Morning 9.00am - 12.30pm
Fully Accredited: Safe Food Accreditation No. 103617-005



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